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Erasmus 2020/2021 questions about the city of FORLI

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Hi, I'm from France and I discovered that my class will be in Forli and not Bologna, I am disapointed because it seems like there is nothing to hang out for young people in Forli, is it true ?

I was thinking about living in Ravenne or Bologna and go to Forli for studies by train, did some people experienced this situation ? And is there some way to have a subscription in order to pay less the travel i will have to do each day ?

Thanks for your help if there is any !


Hi Emma, 

The same happens to me. I'm not really aure about the travelling thing but I've heard that there are some things to do in the Forlì's night. Maybe it's not that famous as Erasmus life in Bologna but I think you shouldn't worry about that.

Btw, what will you be studying there?

IlI' be studying translation and interpretating, or a kind of hahaha.

Hi Emma,

don't know if you've found a solution yet, but the people I've asked told me it's better to do the opposite: look for a place in Forlì and travel to Bologna in case you get bored. I'm not sure about the train abos or costs but I was told by the Eramus office that they will explain when we check in.

Hope I could help!:) 

Showing 1-3 of 3 entries


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