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I am planning to join the One Year Interior Design course at FDA - Sep 2017 batch. However, they accepted my enrollment with just the form and no resume, marklists or passport docs. I insisted on asking the documents required post that. Anyone here who is pursuing the course? Is it worth it? I know its the best University in the world, but then I'm not sure why are they so linient? I have work experience and planning a career switch and this is something I've been wanting to do in a long time! I want to ensure its worth the efforts. Pls help.

Also its my first time to Italy, I'm from Bangalore, India. Would love to get to know folks joining this course :).


Hi Ramya!

I have also applied for the same course at FDA and I am joining in September'17 too.

I am looking for roommates. Please let me know if you are interested.


Hi Neha,

That's awesome! I'm looking for a single room accommodation in a shared flat .. how about you?

And yes would love to meet up :) 

Also, any idea about part time jobs there and if the University would assist in finding one? Let me know if you receive any updates.

Thank you.

Regards, Ramya

Hello everyone.!

I'm searching for a roommate, any leads/Links most welcome. But it's kinda disappointing coz most of the agency are recommending to rent a place on arrival.. Which is honestly not a great idea...we don't wanna spend our first few days searching/reviewing rooms we gonna reside instead of enjoying beautiful city.

#And yup Im  going to join FDA fall '17 master course in Interior Design. Meeting you all is obvious but getting to know each other making friends prior arrival will kinda ease the things...Plus on positive side it will save our time and effort for gelling in and we can use that time to explore the city from the very first day. :D 

Also few of students(Indians) r planning to create a genuine common group. Were everyone can pour in thier queries and information which will help all of us. Interested One can ping me. 

#Have a niceday! :) 

Thanks Mila :) Yes they did ask me for all the docs too after that, I've shared the same with them.

Hi Kunal,

Yes, would love to meet all of u there:) Where are you creating this common group?

Also, regarding accommodation, the University has mentioned that they would assist in finding a place. Do check with them if they can send you options/contact numbers before hand. I too am going to give it a shot and write them an email. Lets see what they respond.

Regards, Ramya

Hi Kunal!

Where are you creating the common group?

Would love to join.


Hi everyone,

I'm Monika, and enrolled myself in one year interior design course for Sept intake.. I would like to know about Visa process as the academy informed to send me docs in July. Is it same with u all, will it take that long to send the visa documents, and should we attend visa interview or is it drop box?.. 


Hi, I'm Devangi from Delhi and will be starting my 3 year course from FDA, fall 2017. Am looking for someone to share an apartment.


I am Janani Sri from India. I am a student of Architecture just completed my course. I have applied for Masters in Interior Design at FDA, September intake. 

I would like to know to which university FDA is accrediated? 

And I am looking for room-mates and can someone guide me for selecting a proper accomodation near FDA. 

Hi Ramya, even I'm looking for a single room in a shared flats. 

And Hi Kunal, I would like to join the common group. where are you creating the group?

Thank you

Hi. My daughter, Devangi will be in touch with you regarding room in apartment. Could you share Ur email id.

Hi guys,  

I am Aiswarya from India.. Even am planning to join for Master's in FDA for September 2017.

And guys, am also looking for roommates. Please let me know if you are interested.single room in shared basis...  And we already have a bunch of people too..


Even I was surprised about why they were so linent.. And myself looking for a career switch and have no experience in the field. Is the course that great? 


Would like to join the common group too. Pls let me know wr it is created. 



Hey everyone!

Can someone possibly lead me through the process on how to apply for the school? I found the website a bit confusing and they have not replied to any of my emails. I would call but im from the west coast of canada so i have to call at like 2:30 am if i want to call between their hours.

Any info or advice helps! 

thank you, 


Hey I am Shruti. I am joining FDA this September 2017 for Interior Design Academic Program. I am looking for female roommates. I want to share an apartment near the school and my budget is around 300 Euros per month including utilities. 

hi everyone. 

im priyanka am also going for masters i wanna kno.how long did the visa process took.

I want to share an apartment near the school and my budget is around 300-400 Euros per month including utilities. 


im megha..from Delhi..good to know that you all are joining..

im also joining masters in interior design this sept..i have payed the tuition fee also..

Now applying for the visa and want to know has anyone got the lodging..

What are you all doing for accomodation over there..??

When are you all arriving ,i will see you all there.

hi guys, my name is azeezah. i am looking to attend fda in january 2018, so i would like to know when does the academic year end if you start your masters in january. 

Hi I m deepti.

Good to see a lot of Indian Students joining FDA..

I have sent my enrollment form n other documents to the university . planning for jan 2018 intake...

Can anybody help me in providing me the details of how to apply online also....

I have absolutely no clue about the email id to which I need to provide them all my documents to ....

Thanks in advance .... :) 


I too am joining the One Year Interior Designing Course for Septemver 2017. Applying for the visa now and hopefully get a positive response soon. 

Would love to meet you guys there and be a part of the group :)



Mahima do u have booked any room over there??

Whats abt ur accomodation?

Hey Meghna, no net yet. I was informed by the university that they assist by helping to find an accommodation. 

What have you planned? 

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