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Florence design academy January 2016

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hi everyone! 

Just wanted to know who all are coming for the January intake to Florence design academy! Please buzz me in case ur looking for a flatmate :)

Hey.. I am :) can you tell me more about your flat? 

Hi... I will be joining FDA jan 2016 batch. Have you guys already booked your place to stay? I was planning to go there and find an apartment.

Hey. I'm joining the Jan 2016 intake too. I haven't booked an apartment yet. Have looked at a few though and I'm planning to come there and rent it. And I am looking for a flatmate. Or if your renting a flat, i would like to join.

Hi! I am coming for the spring studying Interior Design at FIDI (different school, but similar studies, so I hope you don't mind if I join the conversation!) I have a gorgeous apartment in a dream location, and am looking for a roommate!! Please check it out! :) You can click on my profile or click here:

Hello Fasiha, Pranitha and Anya! 

I do not have an apartment yet, am too sceptical to decide just  seeing online. We can probably meet once we are in Florence and check out options :) 


              Yeah. That sounds like a much better option. Let's meet up once we get there.

heya ,

i am looking forward to join florence design academy in september 2016 for masters in interior design .. can u please suggest me that is it really worth like what are further placement opportunities after completing the course .. 

fantastic.. i am in :) i was planning the same... to get there and look around.. great :) xxx

Anyone interested is welcome to come by my apartment to check it out! :) I arrive tomorrow afternoon.

Hello. I will also be joining the FDA Jan 2016 batch for interior design master course.

I'm also interested in meeting up to look for apartments together. I will be arriving Florence on the 22nd of January.

When are you all arriving?

Hey. Has anyone arrived at Florence. I just arrived. And I am going to look for apartments. Anyone interested in finding a place together? 

Hello everyone! I am considering applying to FDA for interior designing for the September 2016 intake. Can you please give me some feedback about the course and about the job opportunities upon completion of the course? Thank you!

Hi everyone, this is Maham, I'm going to join FDA for Master of interior design from September 2016. I'm also looking for accommodation neaby FDA. Kindly suggest me some good room in a  shared appartment.


Hey guys I am a graduate  and want to pay the fees of fda masters myself. Can I do a job earn and pay my fees.

How you people will pay your fees ? Please  guide

Lastly is it good for industrial  design too.

Hello everyone, first of all thanks for creating this thread. Going thru all this has been very helpful for me. But still no one has answer that after paying the enrollment of 850euros to FDA, after how many working days did you guys got a confirmation reply from the college? coz im getting bit restless. And also once they prompt you to pay the enrollment fee, so finally it means that he/she has got the admission to the college and there wont be any cryptic evaluation or shortlisting candidateprocess pending.!
Rply to above queries would be appreciated. :) 
Ohh yes! im joining FDA next year sep. hope to see you there :)  

Hi Kunal, FDA usually replies 3 to 6 days in my experience. If it exceeded, I would usually re-send my email because FDA I think receives so many emails everyday that they might have skipped your email. So its better to re-email and update them if they have received your enrollment payment to be sure.  


I also appiled for FDA Master in ID Jan 2017, but am not sure of the email authenticity which I received stating to pay 850 euros. Also what are the job opportunities after this course in Italy or any other international location?

In averge it take 1-3 days for a reply. But you can send a reminder, they are quite nice and a gentle reminder can speed up thinks (sometimes).

Hi, i am joining florence design academy in the january 2017 intake so i am looking for any type of accommodation like flat, apartment or room. If anyone can help me out please let me know soon.

I am goin there for Industrial desigining of 2 year course.

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