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Experience in Florence, Italy by Mercedes

What is it like to live in Florence? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

Florence is a beautiful, tranquil city. So it's the perfect place to go to explore a lot of different things and places and you'll have an unforgettable experience there.

I'd recommend it to anyone at any age. You can go there and see things in peace as well as being able to go out partying there, it has a bit of everything.


What is the student lifestyle like in Florence?

The student lifestyle is really good here, if you go on your own, you won't have any problem getting along with people, because the people there welcome you as one of their own. There are a lot of opportunities to get discounts all over the place there, if you're a student.

How much does it cost to live in Florence?

It's expensive to live in Florence. But I don't think you'll have any money problems, if you know how to budget and it doesn't have to be as expensive if you know how to find good deals, etc.


How much does accommodation cost in Florence? Do you have any advice?

No, I managed to sort all of my accommodation issues through my local government, so I can't really give you any advice about finding it from Florence.

What places would you recommend visiting in Florence?

There are a lot of places that I'd recommend visiting in Florence, because everything here has something special about it. It's a place you have to explore bit by bit and you especially have to walk around Florence, you'll see so much more walking around than just going straight to a specific place. Walk around without a heading, don't be afraid to get lost.


Where would you recommend for a night out in Florence?

Well, Babylon is the place I'd recommend the most, since Erasmus students get in free if you show your student card, something us young people are grateful for.

Do you have any advice for students coming to Florence in the future?

My advice is for people to come and to have a great experience here, because you won't regret coming here, it's a city that you'll learn a lot from. Besides, if you're afraid to come here alone, you'll find people in the exact same situation, you won't have any time to feel bored.


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