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A Desert in Libya

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Published by Emmanuella Anwulika — 4 years ago


       The desert is a scary place, but I don't know why I chose to call it the wonders of nature. A Desert is beautiful and scary when you hear the stories about desert, I could remember then, my grandfather who has been to libya before I was born, pass through the desert. I  usually ask him about a place that is the most unique and quite place, he will tell me is libya desert , there was something he said that made me in love with the story,  that there is so much heeps of sands and trees or plants there ,it is just like another world, and during the night it is quite, but when your vehicle should get spoilt on the way, you could survive or perish, it all determined your faith and he also said that there is the story that all the fallen angels and demons were cast out to that same desert , that is why it is called survival of the fittest.               Then one day, I left to my adventures in search of the Libya desert, I left during the summer period in a very big car with some travellers, we pass through so many villages, but we got to rest in one of this country called Agades, when I saw the way Agades was, I knew it would take time for my African country to grow. I was not happy at all, and I didn't come with my camera, I would have taken some photos to share with you people. The next day, we all left to desert, when we got there, we came down from the vehicle and started strolling, there were some parts we got to and saw different skeletons , there were human skeletons and also the animals skeleton. They were also different kinds of clothes in the desert.                                                         When we got to the centre of the desert, it was really beautiful even without plants or trees, the time was already afternoon, the sand was getting hotter and hotter it was becoming unbearable , it looks as if we were in hell receiving our judgments when climbing the heep of sands that was burning our feets , because nobody told us that, we should have put on our timber shoes , we were putting on some rubber shoes apart from some people that were putting on canvas. When we were able to cross that heep of sands, we became happy again.                                                                        In the evening, everywhere was quite and peaceful, it was really beautiful lying down watching the skies with the night insects making sweet melody at that time, then I came to realised why I gave it the title the wonders of a natural desert, it was not because of the scaring story , it is because when I was there with the other travellers gathering round the fire telling stories and remembering our childhood and telling it to total strangers even when we don't know ourselves. Even when it is said to be scary and also for the survival of the fittest, we were all lost in our happiness and forgetting about our sorrows, pains , past and tomorrow, it was just like a magic land where nobody is monitoring your activities, shouting at me or telling me what to do. It was like I owned the world. But we never encounter any dangers going or coming back. That is why I can't seem to forget about it, I don't know if it was a good adventure for other people, but to me i love it. I  love desert because of the beauty and the surroundings, when you are in the surrounding areas of the desert, you feel like you owned the whole world. The sand, the wind and the rain, it feels good and so alive, because of the love and passion i have for the desert, I went through some of the reachers pictures of the desert so that I can share the nature and beauty of the desert. I love the feel of the breeze and the sands touching my bare feets in the cool and wonderful desert, because it gives me joy and hope to move on with life. I do hear a lot of different places being mentioned from different tourists but I have not heard a lot about the desert, we should try  and look into it , because it is one of the most unique, beautiful and quite place or environment on earth. Nature they say is really good, beautiful, unique and quite great, when you know how to utilized, value and behold the beauty of the desert you will then know it's worth. Just like people saying that desert is a scary place or environment, which I intend to disagree with them, because desert is beautiful and peaceful. It is just like another world created by God by its own value and worth. Just like the poem I wrote about the desert, I will have to praise it and it's wonderful  creator. The might desert.......  ''OH MIGHTY DESERT "YOUR PEACEFULNESS AND CALMNESS DOESN'T SEEM TO HAVE AN END,YOUR CREATOR KNEW ABOUT YOUR EXISTENCE AND WORTH, EVEN WHEN MEN SEES YOUR BEAUTY AND ALSO YOUR  EMPTY ENVIRONMENT AS A THREAT AND SCARY PLACE TO TRESPASS,YOUR WORTH AND VALUE IS TOO GREAT EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT NEEDED BY MANKIND.  OH MIGHTY DESERT " PEOPLE FIND YOU SCARY, BUT I DON'T FIND YOU TO BE SCARY, I ONLY FIND YOU TO BE A SHELTER OF LOVE, UNIQUENESS, FAITH AND HAPPINESS, WHEN I PUT MY BARE FEETS UNDER THE SOFTNESS AND CALMNESS OF YOUR WONDERFUL AND NATURAL SANDS , IT FEELS LIKE I AM VISITING THE HEAVENLY PARADISE, OH MIGHTY, WONDERS AND NATURAL BEAUTY OF A DESERT, I WILL NEVER FORGET YOUR PEACEFUL NATURE......❤❤

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