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Experience in Elche (Elx), Spain by Carlos

What is it like to live in Elche (Elx)? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

It's a small city, so it's quiet, but it also has everything you need and everything is nearby and it has good travel connections through Alicante.

Experience in Elche (Elx), Spain by Carlos


What is the student lifestyle in Elche (Elx)?

The university isn't very big either, so there's not much going on, it's a lot more relaxed than other cities.

How much does it cost to live in Elche (Elx)?

You can find a room for €100 and up, the food and service are well priced.

Experience in Elche (Elx), Spain by Carlos


Was it difficult to find accommodation in Elche (Elx)? Do you have any advice?

It wasn't difficult for me at all, I'd still recommend going on students forums or social networks to find the best option. Since there are always people moving in and out, those people can help you by offering you the flat that they're leaving, for example.

What is the food like there? What are some of your favourite dishes?

Few countries have as good food as Spain and the diet is tasty and varied and has a lot of different influences, there's something for all different tastes.

Where would you recommend to visit in Elche (Elx)?

The old town is very pretty.

Experience in Elche (Elx), Spain by Carlos


Where would you recommend for a night out in Elche (Elx)?

The Chimeneas area is very good for nights out.

Do you have any advice for students coming to Elche (Elx) in the future?

Enjoy the city and its people.

Experience in Elche (Elx), Spain by Carlos


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