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Dont wanna leave :(

Published by Eva Pulido — 3 days ago

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Hey hey!!

Starting from the point that I am from the south of Spain, the weather here, the food and the prices are stuff that you had to adapt a lot to. But still nothing that affects in a negative way to the experience! People is really nice, I had a couple problems related to health and they helped me out so easily, and the teachers are way different than spanish ones, they are really chill.

I studied a minor called Performance Coaching and Training (for which I am selling the books needed, if anyone´s interested), and even tho I have a couple complains about how little I´ve learned, it´s useful to know that is easy to pass (also it is only 3 hours per day, only 3 days per week). There are a lot of international people in this city, which is cool and useful (because dutch is impossible to understand), and also mostly everybody speaks english without a problem!

About the accomodation I am with Vestide (Marconilaan). It does not have a couple essentials like microwave or freezer, but that is something you can sort out with your roomates. I like the living here, and I recomend my kind of room, because even though it is 5m2, you only pay 280 and still live in the same house as the other rooms, which are only alittle bit bigger and more than 100€ more expensive.

The location is 10 min bike ride from the center, which reminds me that getting a bike is the only optioin I found to move around here, and the most inteligent one (even tho you need a dutch account or someone that has it), because bus is expensive and not that useful.

I would like anybody to contact me if you have doubts, I would be more than happy to help!!

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