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  • More things...

    More things about Tilburg. If PSV Eindhoven is the best team this year in the Eridivisie League... Willem II Tilburg is the worst team... Ha, ha, ha. All is changing. But there are not big changes. The main change is the housing... find a room in Tilburg is more...

    0 by Paco, 10 years ago
  • Do you like cheese??

    Yes! I really like cheese and although they say dutch gastronomy is not the best in the world... in Europe... in middle Europe... is cheeseland. When I'd stayed in Amsterdam I watched a lot of shops only selling cheese. Cheese for all the people, little cheese, big...

    0 by Paco, 10 years ago
  • Naples Sin City!!!

    I've stayed in Naples visiting a friend who is living there for 9 months as Erasmus. I really enjojed in this city, de italian sin city!

    0 by Paco, 10 years ago
  • PSV Eindhoven

    PSV is the leader in the Eridivisie League! Great! The next year I'll live the Champions league!

    0 by Paco, 10 years ago
  • Somebody knows anything

    I would like to know something about my university Fontys of Netherlands. I'm a Fine Arts student for Eindhoven the next year. Fuck yeah!

    0 by Paco, 10 years ago

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