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It\'s an University at the Capital of Croatia...I study law and the university takes care of successful students. They have the oportunity to study for free and to take exams before the other students. The Univesity is very old and very apreciated abroad!It\'s a big University and has a lot of facilities all around town which are easy to access. The teachers are great and manny of them have the carier abroad. Enrollment rates depend on your SATs, so if you are among the best students then you study for free. Quality of the study would probably be even better if there was even more facilities to perform studies at, because there is a lot of students. Avtivities on college are often, but could be better, but if you wish to play sports or something, than it\'s ok, i think!

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  • Suayip Yalın 6 years ago

    Hi. My questions are; Is Crotia a Schengen country? How a country? you know or How do I know? Because Crotia was europan country 2 years ago..

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