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Danish Transcriber.

  • Job vacancy: Danish Transcriber.
  • Number of vacancies: 10

Work from home.
We are looking for Danish transcribers. High-quality audio, only streaming, no need to download/upload files. No previous experience needed, guideline and video training are provided. Audio topics vary in subject, but are neither technical nor medical.

  • Danish speaker who understand English very well
  • High speed and stable internet connection
  • Do the best to produce 1 hour audio per day (one-hour audio transcription mostly takes 4 hours working time, depending on the typing speed).
  • Agree to work on the client’s system (system is available online 24 hours so you can decide your best time)
  • Agree to take a test (40 minutes test according to the guideline)
  • Be available for any revision needed if working files do not pass the QA

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Are you looking for students to hire?

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