24yo French student in costume design looking for a flatsharing in Köln

  • Move in date: 2 March 2022
  • Minumum stay: 3 months

My name is Caroline, I’m a French student in stage costume and I'm looking for a roommate in Köln from March to June 2022.
I will be doing an Erasmus internship from March 4st to June 3rd 2022 in the district of Nippes. I will do my best to learn how to speak German until then! For now I speak French and I hope my English is not too bad...

I started to learn German since the end of August and since then I have been doing my daily lessons on Duolingo xD I can’t wait to practice for real!

○ About what I’m looking for:
I’m searching a roommate in Köln, if possible not too far away from Nippes, for 3 months from March 2st or 3rd to June 4th 2022.
I will need a furnished room because I can't bring my furniture from France. If there is space for a bike it would be a plus. ☼ ☺

○ About me:

• I'm 24, I am passionate about costumes, if you’re interested about what I make I post (a lot) on my ig Cornelia Emeunir

• I’m a vegetarian, I’m trying to have a lifestyle that is as ecological as possible, I like to cook with fresh and local products. By the way if you know any farmer's Market in Köln I would to go there.

• I like all kinds of animals (if you have any animal in your roommate I would be the happiest on earth!).

• In taste of music I mostly listen to rock, punk, and metal (I’m trying to learn German with Rammstein xD but also OOMPH! , Versengold, Faun…) but I love discovering new music of any styles.

• And because it’s important to me ; I’m fully vaccinated! (so if you’re against vaccines we will not get along)

I don’t know what more to say, if you have any question please ask! :D

You can contact me!

About me / us Things that my roommate should have
Gender 1 girl Not specified
Age 24 18 - 99
Occupation Student Not specified
Smoker No Not specified
Partying Yes, but moderate Not specified
Pet Not specified Not specified

12 days ago

Tags: Flatmates Cologne, Cologne, Germany

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