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UC Coimbra 2023/2024 students!!!

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Hi there! Im going to study in Coimbra as Erasmus student and it would be cool to find each other here. Im super friendly and extroverted, so do not hesitate to write to me<3

Hey Yeva, I'll study in Coimbra as well :)

Maybe we could create a group to connect with other erasmus students?

hi guys, I too will be studying in coimbra from september. we could create a group :)

Hi everyone,

basically what everyone else already wrote. Did someone already create a group? By the way, how is your flat hunt going, do you have any tips? 

group is not created yet, what is the best way to do it? write please what is most suitable one for y'all(social network and your nicknames as well) and i'll create a group chat

Hello, I am an erasmus student also at coimbra, add me too, in the group ? thanks 

hi guys, i'm also going to Coimbra to study this course 2023/24, if by chance there's any group created i would love to join! thankss :)

Hi everyone! I'm a French Erasmus student who's also coming to study in Coimbra. If you could add me to the group, that would be great! Thanks !!

Hey guys I'm coming to Coimbra in February, is there a group chat?

Hi, if there is any group, you can add me!:)

Hey hello, im coming to Coimbra in February aswell :)
Idk if there is a group chat, but if so feel free to add me, thanksss 

Hi, I'm going to Coimbra in february, is there a group or anything like that?

Hi, I just came for an Erasmus. Is there anybody as me willing to hang out, explore the city and have fun. I am down. Contact me or put me in a group ??

Hi! I'm going to Coimbra in february for my exchange semester, is there a groupchat?

Showing 1-14 of 14 entries


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