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Experience in Chieti, Italy by Erica


How does life looks like in Chieti? Would you recommend it? How's the city?

Life in Chieti is very relaxed; it is not a big city, so it's not very caotic. I would recommend it.


How is the university environment in Chieti?

It's beautiful, you always meet new people, students are hospitable and warm. It's very easy to make new friends and they always help you if you are in need.

How much does it cost to live in Chieti?

The cost of living is very low, rent usually is not higher than 250euros per month; nightclubs have different prices but never higher than 10 euros and in some of them you can enter for free. Generally speaking prices are low for everything.

Is it difficult to find a room in Chieti? Do you have any recommendation?

No, it's not difficult. There are a lot of student's apartments, so you have a lot of choice.

How is local food? What are your favourite dishes?

It's not as good as in other regions in Italy, but it's not bad either.

I don't really know what are my favourite dishes, because "abruzzese"'s cuisine is similar to the one in the region where I'm from, but I liked all the dishes that I tried there for the frist time: "Antipasto di arance", "Neole" (a local dessert) and "Spaghetti alla Civitarese".

What are the best places to visit in Chieti in your opinion?

Chieti is divided in two parts: Chieti and Chieti Scalo; Chieti Scalo it's were you have the university. It's a new part of the town, so there are not a lot of places to visit, but there is the biggest shopping mall in Abruzzo.

Chieti is an ancient town instead, the squares and the old buildings are very beautiful, just as the central church.

How is Chieti's nightlife? Where do you suggest to go?

In Chieti you have beautiful pubs and nightclubs close to the university and some a little bit further, yet easily reachable by foot. Chieti is well connected, so you can also go out of the city. Pescara is also a beautiful city by the sea; on saturday night it's a good idea to go there.

Do you have any recommendation for Chieti's future students?

Don't be insecure or shy when you have to ask for help or to make new friends, the other students are very friendly and kind.

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