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Erasmus Cagliari 2021/2022

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Hey everyone, my name is Bára and I am going to Cagliari for Erasmus in September. I would like to get to know the people that are also going there and this way we can meet each other beforehand! :D I would also like to ask you whether you're taking the Italian course?

Hi, my name is Philip and I'm also going to Cagliari this september:)

Hey, I'm Jana, I'm also going to Cagliari this september and I will also be attending the Italian course. Looking forward to meeting you guys!!


I'm Seifan, i come from Paris, i'm going to Cagliari this September for the whole year. See u in intalian courses guyz. Btw i'm looking for an appartment if anyone has any tips ; ). 

Hi guys, I´m Samara and i also going to Cagliari, more specifically for the Facoltà di Studi Umanistici, in September. 

Showing 1-5 of 5 entries


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