Experience in Baku State University, Azerbaijan by Kenan

Generally, what is Baku State University like?

In Azerbaijan. BSU is the best university to study Law. But there are so many bad things that happening in BSU Law faculty right now. The teachers require to learn all the articles by heart. I do not appreciate that. Because The students must once comprehend then learn the articles' content. By the way theachers are doing it for corrupted money. I have no choice but study at such university.

What are the facilities like?

I didn't see any facilities in Law faculty, but other faculties I've seen before a lot of facilities. They are not so bad but also not modern, in good quality.

What are the tutors like?


Are the lessons easy in Baku State University?

During term you can study and learn everything from teachers, lectures.
But in Exams session you can fail even the subject you are good at

Does the University organise activities? If so, what are they like?

Yeah. But they are so stricted organized (just like old Socialist community)

Do you think there is a good quality of teaching?

Most of the teachers are not interested in study. But some of them have pretty good teaching methods and good personality

Are there any stories you can share?

I've studied hard to achieve good grade in Civil law during the term and I nailed it. I had 47 points of 50 points (maximum) at the end of the term. I've prepared for the Civil Law final examination for 5 days. The exams in BSU are generally writing exams. I think I wrote the answers correctly. But the teacher who examined my answers said that I should write more and more sentences (If I've already written the basic norms, refered to the Civil Code of Azerbaijan Republic why would he keep require more sentences for a good grade?)
By writing this I want you to know the situation in all of Azerbaijanian Universities is very low in comparison world standart.

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