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Erasmus braga

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Buenas!! Soy Vanesa y estoy estudiando 2 se Enfermeria en Burgos! Me han cogido para estudiar el año que viene en Braga, así que si hay algún grupo de was metedme porfi :))

hello, i am Margot. i'm also going to Braga to do an intership. I'm a student occuaptional therapy and i'm looking to meet some people while i'm there who would want to hang out with me. I'm staying from septmeber till november. Always welcome to send me a message! :)

I will be very close to Braga if you want to leave the phone and I will create a group with everyone 

Hello Carlota. I will stay so close to Braga too. I'm interested to be in the group. Thank youuuu

Hello, I'm Mario. I'm gonna stay in Braga for 3 months doing a FCT. I'm interested to be in the Erasmus+ group for the Braga students.

Send me a pm if any, thanks!

Showing 1-5 of 5 entries


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