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Bournemouth Park

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Lower Gardens Bournemouth

Translated by Daniela Baker — 9 months ago

Original text by Cristina Fernandez Teba

Bournemouth Park...

In the centre of Bournemouth, you will find a large green open space, called Lower Gardens.

This park has four entrances, from which there are marked paths that meet in the middle, forming a cross.

It's a calm and very tidy area, where you can relax, taking in the sun's rays whilst lying on the grass.

Lower Gardens Bournemouth

One side of the park has a shallow stream running through it, which gives the park a more natural and quiet touch. Also, if you are lucky that day, you can see a variety of fish.

Lower Gardens Bournemouth

Lower Gardens Bournemouth

Due to the large number of people who visit this place daily, the park is cleaned every day and as proof of this, on at least two days a week you can see people in charge of this in the park.

The services are quite clean, considering the multitude of people who visit this place throughout the day.

If you find yourself getting peckish or just want to drink something, at the entrance, there is a kiosk selling refreshing drinks, crisps and fast food to take away. Very useful.

Bounemouth Eye

The hot air balloon, The Balloon, is one of the park's and city's main attractions. It's inside the park itself, specifically opposite the tourist information centre, next to the Gervis Place bus stop.

It's a huge hot air balloon, filled with helium of course. Up to 30 people can go up at once. There is a large, steel cable which holds the balloon so it is able to go back down later.

It's not free, but a ticket is not very expensive. A small monetary contribution only.

Also, this attraction is not only available during the day, but also at night up to a certain time, weather permitting, so not in rain nor wind which will prevent it from properly working.

If you're not scared of heights and want to fly, you should do this. Even so, it only elevates you a couple of meters, ideal to be able to see all the city's corners. You get spectacular views from the heights of the sky and the ground without noise, only feeling the breeze on your face.

One incredible view!

Lower Gardens Bournemouth

Lower Gardens Bournemouth

Lower Gardens Bournemouth


In one part of the park there is a marque, where, from time to time, various shows take place: magic, acrobatics...

When I went, I was surprised to come across a magic show. It was directed mainly to the youngest family members, but the older ones also participated. In truth, it was a very entertaining event.

Lower Gardens Bournemouth


On the other side, opposite the stream, there are several decorative panels. These caught my attention because of their uniqueness, since the shape is made up of different coloured drinking glasses, joined together by several threads that are pulled taut.

As you can see in the photo, for those who don't like the beach, or who prefer the park to the beach, bring your parasol and your folding chairs and enjoy a calm afternoon there.

Lower Gardens Bournemouth

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