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Summer practice in Bielefeld?

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My name's Alex. I study English at UAM in Poznan in Poland.
In March I'm going to Bielefeld to Germany for the summer semester Erasmus. In the same year I want to go for the winter semester 2015/2016 to Bielefeld on Erasmus. I will be getting just 400 euros per month. For me it is little because I'm a Polish student and I do not have a lot of cash, so I want to find a job in Bielefeld. I also speak German at least on level B1.
The enrollment of students for the fall semester 2015/2016 has not even started yet, but let's assume that I get to be in Bielefeld also for the fall semester. I would be there 2 semesters then. From March to July 17th and from October to February.

And now I have a question. If I had a job as a student, would it be worth the effort to look for another job during "Summer practice", that is, from July 18 to September? I'm asking because Erasmus for this practice gives me only 500 euros. In July, I hope to speak better German. So in order to earn anything, should I find a job NORMALLY in Bielefeld without doing that via Erasmus programme?


P.S. Not only does Erasmus give me just 500 euros, but it demands that the job needs to "develop language skills." Ok, I'm studying English, but is it not easier for me to find a job without Erasmus?

Showing 1-1 of 1 entries


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