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Experience in Ankara University, Turkey by Matea

Published by m m — 4 years ago

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Generally, what is Ankara University like?

From the outside it look great (dil,tarih ve coğrafya fakültesi) but from the inside it needs some repairs, there is a courtyard inside which needs a little work but I would say ok

What are the facilities like?

No so good

What are the tutors like?

They are not bothering with foreigners,they don't have time for you except in classes

Are the lessons easy in Ankara University?

Lessons are not easy but exams are

Does the University organise activities? If so, what are they like?

Activities like constant protests and closing the faculty because obviously people don't want to study they want to fight over te politics. It was dangerous and because o that I didn't go to college surely for one month min. Besides that there are organized trips but student needs to organize it by himself esn organizes other trips

Do you think there is a good quality of teaching?

No,professors don't bother with foreigners,also they don't bother sometimes to go to the class also. As a foreigner who was studying in turkish language professors didn't helped me at all regarding the classes or understanding something. Basically professors are making the test on they sayings not books. Students don't read books.

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