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Swimming pool (pond) with natural water

Published by flag-be Eva Wens — 3 years ago

Swimming pond Boekenberg - Antwerpen

The swimming pond in the park in Deurne (Antwerpen) is the largest in Europe.

Special natural bottom materials & plants clean the water in a natural way, the pool doesn't contain any chemicals and is really nice and fresh.

You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the park after your swim.

The entrance is free, but there's a lifeguard attending at all times, and you can change yourself in the nice and clean changing rooms.

The biggest pond has a length of 73m and a depth of 1. 80-2. 50m and a small pond for children.

The pond is surrounded by a sunbathing area in the middle of the park.

A really nice place to hang out on a hot summer day, you will find a nice mix of all kind of people.

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