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Experience in Amiens, France by Sophia

Published by Sophia Assim — 4 years ago

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What is it like to live in Amiens? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

Amiens is a little city where it is easy to orientate. The city propose some activities and they are a lot of place to stay and rest (as parks). The city is full of shops. However people have to be prepared if tourists want to have fun. Because there are a lot of entertainment but you have to know the addresses.

What is the student lifestyle like in Amiens?

Student lifestyle is pretty healthly. There are some reductions (but they are ridiculous for cinema and transport). Theatre is very low cost.

Thursdays are days to do party (at Saint-Leu). Almost every faculties prepare an openin party. Student's associations do a lot of activities and give help.

Every employes in the city are open minded to a student's questions. However you must speak French.

How much does it cost to live in Amiens?

It depends of the room's cost. They are a lot of discount shops for food and equipment.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Amiens? Is there any advice you can give?

It is easier to look on newspapers and call the proprietary. Or ask students, tenants. There are a lot of people who rent a room in their homes.

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

In the supermarket you can find French food (which are fruits, vegetables, condiments, cakes etc. ) but it isn't hard to find too international preparations (above all indian and mexican).

What places would you recommend visiting in Amiens?

The best in Amiens is to visit the streets. Some boroughs are XIXth, others medieval. You can do it with horse riding. There is the cathedral which is the hugest of Europe. The Hortillonages is a small boat's visit (do it in springs or summer) where you can see private gardens and swamps. Then all around the city you have the country.

Is it good to eat out in Amiens? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

In bakery you can find traditionnal sandwiches in a menu. The salon de thé are great to eat cakes.

Some restaurants aren't expensive. If you want to taste french meals you have to go in brasseries. But my favourite are chinese food (which are cheap), Papa Bagel and crêperies.

Is the nightlife good in Amiens? Where is good to go?

They nightlife borough in Amiens is le quartier Saint-Leu which is also called "the students' borough". The best is thursday which the day of student's parties. The rest of Amiens is closed between 7:00 or 8:00 pm.

What advice would you give future students heading to Amiens?

Wait, Amiens is a little city not very touristic. So people are a little bit closed. You have to know the city to have fun because mostly of divertissements are private. So make friends first.


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