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Valle dei Templi

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A day in the valley of the Temples

Published by nahom worku — 22 days ago

Hello dear readers, this place I am going to talk about is a must see place in the beautiful southern Italian city of Agrigento. As you might have guessed from the title the place is called Valle dei Templi which simply translates to Valley of the Temples. This marvelous place is the home to many temples which were used for different purposes during the various eras of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The architecture and the level of precision they put in when building this huge columns and its meticulous decorations are just jaw dropping.

Temples are not the only marvelous thing you will find in this place. You will also be surprised by the green gardens found here and there on the corners. If you have a carefully eye you can also spot some olive trees, many of them very old and with a very distinctive and curled-up shape of the beaches widely used among many poets to describe a man immersed in his intricate and interconnected thoughts and imagination.

When to visit 

Generally avoid visiting Valle dei Templi on summer (June, July, August, September) because it the average temperature is expected to be very high and the sun will be hard to endure, considering that you have to walk a lot if you want to visit the whole valley (bear in mind that the whole exhibition is outdoor). I went to the Valle dei Templi in March and I must say that the weather was great, apart from the fact that at the end of the visit a heavy thunderstorm broke out and we had to run to the exit to find a shelter.

If you don't want to pay for the entrance do know that one Sunday of every month the entrance is free to all the public. So plan in visiting this place on the first Sunday of any month and you can save the entrance fee and eat a nice gelato of pistachio when you finish the tour.

P.S. Soon I'll add more pictures.

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