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Adana City

Published by Mahmud Amino — 3 months ago

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Adana city is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities on the north-eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is Turkey's commercial and cultural center, which is distinguished from other Turkish cities. Adana has a typical Mediterranean climate, hot dry in summer and mild rainy in winter.

Adana City

The city has four churches, two of them Armenian, one Greek and one Latin. It has an attractive and distinctive nature. There are many parks and tourist resorts, including the center park. It is a 33 square meter park located on the banks of the Sehan River and the north of Sabanci Mosque, which hosts a large number of trees and plants, is very interesting in its open space, the stunning Chinese Park, the Solomon Park, and many others, including the Adana Archaeological Museum, the ulu Mosque and the Big Clock. , And the market "Adana" famous for decoration and antiques Old confidential.

There are many cafés and restaurants on the coast of the Sehan River, which offer tasty food and spectacular views at sunset, making it a destination for many tourists from all over the world. Adana city is also famous for its main dish, Kebab Adana Take a plate of freshly ground beef mixed with very hot spices, served with local red juice, always served with this dish to enhance its flavor.

Adana city is famous for the Republic of Turkey with two universities of the most important Turkish universities, namely the Universities of "Cukurova" and "Adana for Science and Technology", two universities have a high ranking at the level of Turkish universities,

Adana City

And are characterized by high quality education, and the efficiency of teaching, and the availability of all disciplines, some of which are taught in English and some in Turkish,

Which distinguishes these two universities that they accept large numbers of Turkish students and foreigners every year without placing restrictions on acceptable numbers like the rest of the Turkish universities, and therefore find the city every year packed with large numbers of students,

In addition, the cost of living in Adana is low to suit the young students and expatriate students, and it is low compared to the number of students in Adana.

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