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Looking for a weekend/part-time job

  • Job vacancy: Looking for a weekend/part-time job
  • Number of vacancies: 1

Hi, I'm Aleksander. My girlfriend is coming to coruna for erasmus and I'm coming with her. I currently working as an IT engineer but salaries in Poland are really poor if you are a Junior in IT, thats why i need a weekend or part time job. I have big experience in working with clients:
10 months in delivering pizza and kebab
3 months in resteurant
2 months in DHL in Hamburg
2 months as International bus driver

My dad had a roofing company in Poland so I don't mind working on construction site. 

Currently I'm working remotely in IT cause thats what i want to do in my future. I work usually from 8 to 16. My english level is really good, everyday in work i talk with people from usa. My spanish level is intermediate but I'm learning really hard and I will be glad if you give me the chance.


16 days ago

Tags: flag-es Student Jobs A Coruña, A Coruña, Spain

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