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Mariana Nogueira

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Mariana Nogueira

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  • Forum

    Erasmus Rome 2018 / 2019 (English)

    Hi Manuel! Nice! I'm brazilian, so you can speak the both languages to me, that I undertand you ;) We can do it! How long do you plan to stay there and when do you arrive? We can send us the apartments we like :)

    von Mariana in Erasmus Forum Rom, vor einem Jahr
  • Forum

    Erasmus Rome 2018 / 2019 (English)

    Hello! I'm Mariana, 33 years old, I'm a master degree student and I will stay in Rome from october until december (2018) to study in Roma tre. I'm looking for a roommate to share some acommodation. . If you think it can be possible for you, just call me and let's...

    von Mariana in Erasmus Forum Rom, vor einem Jahr
  • Mitbewohner

    About me

    Hello, I'm Mariana, 33 year old, I'm from Brazil and I'm a master's degree student in fine arts in Lisbon, Portugal. I will study at Universitá degli studi Roma Tre during 3 month, from october until december. I would like to find roommates to share some acommodation...

    in Mitbewohner Rom, vor einem Jahr

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