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Erasmus Rome 2018 / 2019 (English)

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I'm Laura and I would like to meet people who travel next year to Rome, talk about the coming year and share experiences



I'm Celia and I'm 20 years old. Next year I will be going to study Business Administration at Tor Vergata University in Rome.

I want to meet new people and even better if they are from many different countries!! I want to learn Italian but I also want to practice my English so if you are going to Rome too, it doesn't matter if we are not going to the same uni, you can send me a messege! I would kinda cool

See you!


I am Maja and I study Law at the University of Sheffield and next year I will be studying in Rome! I am looking for an accommodation (preferably close to LUMSA University) and flatmates! if you are interested don`t hesitate to message me!

Hi ! 

I'm a french incoming student in Roma Tre in political sciences to September to July. I'm looking  for someone to share a flat. I speak a Little spanish english and italian ! Send me a message ! ;) 


I´m Fátima and I study advertising in Galicia, Spain. I´m 21 years old and I´ll be in LUMSA for Erasmus. I´m looking for a flat near to the university and new friends. I would really enjoy sharing the flat with people from different countries. I speak English and French, a B2 in both languages but I really need to improve. I could teach you Spanish and some words in Galician. 

To sum up,  I want to meet interesting new people so don´t doubt and text me :).

we are looking for a person who does not speak spanish to share a flat in piazza bologna we are a spanish girl, a french girl and a Spanish boy.

the apartment is very large and has a metro and bus stop 20 meters away, it would be for rent from September 1 to August 31

Hi guys!

My name is Laura, I'm a 20-year-old history student at the Erasmus University Rotterdam  and I will be studying at LUISS' political department from september until january. 

I'm looking forward to make a lot of new friends and have a great time in Rome!

Do not hesitate to contact me :)

a Spanish boy and girl and another French girl we are looking for a person to share a flat in piazza bologna, the rent without costs are € 370 and is located 30 meters from a metro stop and another bus.
the flat would have to be rented from September to September, and we are looking for someone who does not speak either Spanish or French

Hi Laura

I will also be studying at LUISS, although I’m studying Accounting with finance.


My name is Dídac and I will study at LUISS from January 2019

I'm looking forward to meet new people and flatmates, and practice my english so even if we go to different university, don't doubt to contact me.

Hello! I am a building student at the UPM and the next course will be in Rome at La Sapienza. I would like to meet people who go to Erasmus to share a flat. Text me if you are interested.

Hello everyone!  

I'm Benokan from Turkey. Im a software engineering student and i'll be studying at la sapienza artificial intelligence and robotics programme for the next 2 years. I am also a piano and guitar player. I'd love to get to know other international students who'll be in rome next year. I've already searched for many flats and rooms. Please feel free to cantact me about anything ! 

Hi, my name is Martin, i'm a french student from Paris and i am about to join La Sapienza in two months. I'll study philosophy and litterature during the first semester at la Sapienza and i would like to find a room and some nice people in Roma too. Please feel free to contact me for anything i am a kind guy :)  

Hi, I am Theo, a 22 year old and french guy going to study Mathematics next year in La Sapienza. I like music, sport and cooking, i think i'm a curious and open-minded person. I'm looking for cool roommates, who like hanging out and want to discover italian life and speak italian. 

Contact me if we may share an appartment next year.

Hello, I'm Gediminas from Lithuania, and I'm studying political science, and going for Erasmus to Link Campus University in Rome, and looking forward to meet new peaple and looking for roommate. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me. 

Hi guys!

My name is Angelos and I come from Athens,GR and I will be studying atSapienza for the upcoming winter semester, as part of the Erasmus program. I am looking for accomodation for 5 months roughly between September and February. Any ideas, tips or proposals for accomodation are welcome!

Hi, I'm Nerea, I'm studying illustration at the EAO in Oviedo (Asturias, Spain). In october i will be in Rome at the Scuola Internationale di comic for three months and i watching for people and apartment to live thats months, if u areinterested, send me a message please!


I'm Mariana, 33 years old, I'm a master degree student and I will stay in Rome from october until december (2018) to study in Roma tre. I'm looking for a roommate to share some acommodation. . If you think it can be possible for you, just call me and let's talking! :)

Hi Mariana, I dont know if you are spanish, then I´ll speak in English. Im going to study too a master of civil engineering in Roma Tre. Then if you want we can search together! :)

Hi Manuel! Nice! I'm brazilian, so you can speak the both languages to me, that I undertand you ;) We can do it! How long do you plan to stay there and when do you arrive? We can send us the apartments we like :)

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