“Beer Pong in Ovella Negra”

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Beer Pong in Ovella Negra

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  • Chris Tarasovs

    Beer Pong Barcelona Where: Ovella Negra + Sala Razzmatazz When: Saturday, 11 February, 10:30 PM What: Beer Pong tournament + night clubbing at Sala Razzmatazz Cost: 5 euro per person (2 people max per team) Prize: 50 Euro + FREE entrance to Sala Razzmatazz Why: Because we love Barcelona, beer pong, and partying!! Join us this Saturday for the biggest beer pong tournament Barcelona has to offer! Taking place at the always happening bar Ovella Negra (Black Sheep), this is an event not to be missed! BeerPongBarcelona.com has teamed up with with Erasmushelpguide.com, erasmusbarcelona2012.com, bcnparty.com, and Barcelona-parties.com to outdo last year’s tournament. First off, we would like to offer a huge congratulations to last year’s winner, Johny Mighy. They took home the gold and a slew of awesome prizes. Over 50 teams participated last year, and we want to again thank everyone who partied with us. Now that we have joined forces, we plan on topping last year’s beer pong tournament. Ovella Negra is the perfect spot for this event because it is right by the biggest club in Barcelona, SALA RAZZMATAZZ. It’s a 2-minute from the bar to the club, making the beer pong tournament the PERFECT way to pregame before an epic Saturday night at Razzmatazz.

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