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Studying in Abo/Turku later this year!

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I'm Eoghan and I'm from the West of Ireland. I'm going to be studying in Finland from August-September 2011 until May in 2012. It will be quite the experience and I can't wait. If you are also studying in Turku, reply here. I'd prefer to go in knowing some people rather than having no network at all! Thanks.

I have already arrived to Haliskylä!

My lease starts on the 1st of September so I'll be staying in the city centre from Monday until then - can't wait to go :) How is it over there?

Me too. I´ll get my key on wednesday and I´ll be there that day. Have you been in Haliskylä already? It´s quite nice.

Still in Ireland, leaving for Finland tomorrow! Be there around 10 in the night. Can't wait!

Hey!  Just arrived at Haliskylä from Scotland today! I will be staying until end of May....Its all such a new experience....whats good to do around here then?! =)

Showing 1-6 of 6 entries


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