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Erasmus blog Eskisehir

  • Traditional friday meeting

    Hello, everyone! I would like to tell you about our Friday meetings in Department of Tourism and Culture. For the very first time, my mentor invited me to participate in Friday meeting in other Odunpazari municipality's department. To tell the truth, I have no idea...

    0 by Tomas, 17 days ago
  • Beerporng tournaments

    Hello, everybody! I would like to share with one of our Erasmus mobility activities during our stay in Eskisehir. Beer pong tournaments were held every week on Thursday evenings. It is the best time to have such activity because fewer people have lessons on...

    0 by Tomas, 18 days ago
  • Erasmus trekking trip

    Hello, everyone! Today I would like to share my experience of first Erasmus trekking trip outside Eskisehir. It was our first month of Erasmus mobility, and we still did not know each other so good. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other.  Our lead was...

    0 by Tomas, 18 days ago
  • Turkish baths (Hamam) and my very first experience

    Today I would like you to introduce you to the Turkish healthful steam bath, other called as Hamam. Turkish baths are still a big part of the culture for more than thousands of years already. However, Hamam's are not so luxury as Western world spa centres, but this is...

    0 by Tomas, 22 days ago
  • Destination: Antalya, Kaş

    Good day, everyone. Today I would like to share my experience in Antalya, Kaş. At the beginning of May, my flatmates offered to come with them to Antalya, Kaş. I have never been in Antalya or its province, so I accepted their invitation. The trip to Kaş was hosted by...

    0 by Tomas, 23 days ago
  • Very first Erasmus trip to Pamukkale

    My very first Erasmus trip starts with Pamukkale. We decided to go as a group: a Lithuanian, Italian, Swiss and German. We had begun planning this trip a week before we left Eskisehir.  Planning the trip First, we had to find a suitable hotel. Also, it is possible to...

    0 by Tomas, 24 days ago
  • My very first visit to Şelale park

    Good day, everyone! I would like to share one magnificent park with you which we visited a few days ago. Telling the truth, I have not visited Şelale park during my previous Erasmus study semester here, in Eskisehir. Last semester I was too busy studying for the...

    0 by Tomas, 24 days ago
  • My first impression of internship

    Hello, everyone! Today I would like to share with you very first experıence in my internship. At this time I have an internship in Odunpazarı Municipality Building Control Directorate for two months. My Erasmus+ internship period has started from the middle of July...

    0 by Tomas, 24 days ago
  • Finding an internship in Eskisehir, Turkey :)

    Hello everyone! I would like to share my very first and also erasmus internship with all of you. To tell the truth, when my Erasmus+ studies in Anadolu university was finishing I have started to think about internship here in Eskisehir. I knew it can be difficult...

    0 by Tomas, 28 days ago

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