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Emily Sanders

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Emily Sanders

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Atividade de Emily

  • Lugar

    Plaza Botero or Plaza de las Esculturas

    In the middle of the ‘Ciudad Rosada’, as Medellín is known in Colombia, you may find yourself amongst enormous structures that welcome you to the city and draw you in for a closer look in a way unlike anything you’ve experienced before. This is what the Plaza...

    por Emily em O que ver Medellin, há 2 anos
  • Lugar

    Café Andaluz- Moroccan Café

    If you fancy discovering the Moroccan ambience in Murcia, I recommend heading to the district situated behind the bus station. There, in the street just before the station and towards the back of it, you will find the Al-Andaluz café. So, next to the Salzillo museum....

  • Experiência

    Erasmus: Granada with a Child

    How I got to Granada... My son was five years old at the time and in his penultimate year of Kindergarten (nursery/reception in the UK) when I decided to head off to Granada in Spain for half a year. I was in my fourth semester of studying Education Studies and had...

    2 por Emily em Experiências Erasmus Granada, há 2 anos
  • Experiência

    Erasmus experience in Granada, Spain

    Why did you decide to go to Granada, Spain? I didn’t just want to enhance my language skills, but to gain experiences abroad, experience something new and get to know a new culture. I decided on Spain because I find the language particularly beautiful, I know many...

    0 por Emily em Experiências Erasmus Granada, há 2 anos
  • Blogue

    Home cooking: Bolitas de Queso (cheese balls)

    Hi, today I am going to tell you how to make cheese balls, customary of Brazil. It is very typical to make this type of little fried dishes for children’s birthdays there. However, we can make them to nibble whenever as a snack. In some places we can find them frozen,...

    0 por Emily em Receitas Erasmus, há 2 anos

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