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Zajęcia z Polski online

  • native polish language teacher for erasmus students

    10€ per hour

    • flag-pl Adam · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · FrancuskiC1 · WłoskiA2 · PolskiNative

    Hello! My name is Adam. If you are preparing to go on an Erasmus exchange to Poland and would like to improve your Polish language skills then I would...

  • Polish native speaker, Polish tutoring, English tutoring

    14€ per hour

    • flag-pl Agnieszka · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · GermanA2 · PolskiNative · FińskiA1

    Hello, I'm Agnieszka and I have a great passion for language learning and teaching. I'm a native Polish speaker, fluent in English and communicative i...

  • Polish lessons for Ukrainian and Russian speakers

    10€ per hour

    • flag-ua Lyudmyla · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiB1 · PolskiC2 · RosyjskiC2

    Hi! Thank you for visiting my profile. I studied History and Philology in Ukraine. Also I received my Ph.D. in History from the John Paul II Catholic ...

  • Qualified teacher with 6 years of experience of teaching Polish as a foreign language

    18€ per hour

    • flag-pl Patrycja · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · PolskiNative

    Cześć! My name is Patrycja. I`m a qualified teacher with experience of teaching Polish as a foreign and second language. Languages and teaching are m...

  • Clases de polaco, 10 años de experiencia, muchos alumnos satisfechos

    14€ per hour

    • flag-pl Joanna · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: HiszpańskiC2 · PolskiNative

    Cześć! Me llamo Joanna. Soy profesora nativa, licenciada en filología polaca por La Universidad Nicolás Copérnico en Toruń, con 11 años de experienci...

  • I am an experienced Polish language teacher - all levels

    15€ per hour

    • flag-pl Zuzanna · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC2 · HiszpańskiC1 · PolskiNative

    Hi! I am a Polish language tutor with over 100 hours of experience. I work with foreigners at all proficiency levels. My classes are based on a couple...

  • Polish or Spanish classes with a native speaker :)

    15€ per hour

    • flag-es Bárbara Isabel · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · HiszpańskiNative · WłoskiA1 · PolskiNative

    Cześć Kochani! ¡Hola amigos! I invite you to learn Polish or Spanish with me. I work according to my own method, which involves learning a language ...

  • Las clases de polaco con nativa, Polish classes with native speaker

    10€ per hour

    • flag-pl Anna · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · HiszpańskiB1 · PolskiNative

    Hola! Hello! Cześć! Hola! Me llamo Anna. Soy de Poznan (de Polonia) pero ahora vivo en Toledo (Espana) Desde hace dos anos trabajo como maestra de i...

  • POLISH language for everyone !!! Polaco para todos y cada persona en el mundo global

    10€ per hour

    • flag-pl Marta · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC2 · HiszpańskiC2 · GermanB2 · PolskiNative

    Hola! Me llamo Marta y desde 15 años trabajo como la profesora de Inglés y Español. Voy a enseñar polaco, usando otros idiomas :-) Puedo también organ...

  • POLISH lessons with ative speaker [over 20.000 lessons taught]

    15€ per hour

    • flag-pl Anna Maria · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC2 · HiszpańskiA1 · PolskiNative · CzeskiC2

    I was born in Poland 🇵🇱 I lived and worked in the UK 🇬🇧 and now I run my language school in the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 ☺️ I am happy to: 👩🏼‍🎓prepare you f...

  • Aprende Polaco de forma útil y sin estrés

    7€ per hour

    • flag-xx Cristina · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · FrancuskiB1 · PolskiB1 · RosyjskiA2 · GreckiB1

    ¡Hola! Czesc! ¿ Estas preparando tu Erasmus en Polonia, estás en Cuarentena allí o eres un friki de los idiomas? Durante mis 3 años en Polonia voy...

  • Polish lessons all levels (From A1 to C2)

    18€ per hour

    • flag-pl Grzegorz · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC2 · HiszpańskiC1 · PolskiNative

    Hi there, I am a native Polish speaker who currently teaches English in a bilingual institution in Peru. I have been teaching Polish and English for ...

  • Certified language teacher with 8 years of experience teaching face to face and online

    21€ per hour

    • flag-pl Dorota · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC2 · HiszpańskiA1 · FrancuskiA2 · PolskiNative · RosyjskiC2

    Hi/Cześć! My name is Dorota and I have been teaching languages for 8 years to students of different nationalities. Being able to teach my language and...

  • CELTA qualified teacher with over 10 years of experience

    15€ per hour

    • flag-pl Maryla · Teaches: Polski
      Speaks: AngielskiC2 · FrancuskiC2 · GermanA2 · WłoskiB2 · PolskiNative

    Hi! My name is Maryla and I come from Poland. I've been teaching since the first years of university and I've always adored this job. I like helping t...

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