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Online language classes

  • Spanish lessons for English and German speakers

    10€ per hour

    • flag-ec Pablo · Teaches: Hiszpański
      Speaks: AngielskiB1 · FrancuskiC1 · GermanA2 · WłoskiB2

    Dear Friends, I come from Ecuador, Spanish native speaker, and I studied education at the University of Mainz, Germany. I like a lot of foreign lang...

  • New!
    English teacher with years of experience in ages from 8 - 45

    12€ per hour

    • flag-ar Nicole · Teaches: Angielski
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · HiszpańskiNative

    Hello! My name's Nicole, I have been teaching English for 3 years now. I think teaching is more than just making someone learn a new way of communicat...

  • New!
    Clases de dibujo y pintura 2 años de experiencia

    9€ per hour

    • flag-es Lara · Teaches: Galicyjski
      Speaks: AngielskiA2 · HiszpańskiC2 · GalicyjskiNative

    Graduada en bellas artes y estudiante de máster en diseño y diseño de moda. Doy clases de dibujo, pintura y artes plásticas. Apoyo a nuevos estudian...

  • New!
    Profesora de español con 1año de experiencia dando clase

    8€ per hour

    • flag-es Lara · Teaches: Hiszpański
      Speaks: AngielskiA2 · HiszpańskiC2 · GalicyjskiNative

    Licenciada en letras y graduada en Bellas Artes. Celga 4 en gallego Nativo español B1 ingles (Pequeños dotes en italiano y portugués) Se dan cla...

  • New!
    English/swahili tutor with 5 years of experience

    10€ per hour

    • flag-ke Bernadette · Teaches: Angielski
      Speaks: AngielskiNative

    Hello! Jambo! My name is Bernadette Makena from kenya, I am a English /swahili tutor as I am planning to travel the world and need an income, it's my ...

  • Updated!
    Italian native teacher with University Degree

    10€ per hour

    • flag-it BENEDETTA · Teaches: Włoski
      Speaks: AngielskiB1 · HiszpańskiC2 · WłoskiNative

    Hello! My name is Benedetta and I'm italian but I live in Spain. I would like very much to teach you my native language at the level the student requi...

  • New!
    Conversational skills and variety to your English/ Swedish

    7€ per hour

    • flag-fi jenny · Teaches: Szwedzki
      Speaks: AngielskiC2 · FrancuskiB2 · SzwedzkiC2 · FińskiNative

    I'm a Finnish woman living in Izmir. I've worked for years teaching Finnish and Swedish to refugees and immigrants, as well as tutoring Swedish and En...

  • New!
    Native Spanish teacher in Brussels (Private Lessons)

    10€ per hour

    • flag-es Judith · Teaches: Hiszpański
      Speaks: HiszpańskiNative

    Hello, my name is Judit and I am an Erasmus student living in Brussels. I am currently studying Business Adminsitration in ICHEC, however I have 3 ye...

  • New!
    Profesora particular Inglés nivel nativo (C2 Proficiency)

    10€ per hour

    • flag-es Judith · Teaches: Angielski
      Speaks: HiszpańskiNative

    Hola, me llamo Judit y soy una estudiante de Erasmus en Bruselas. Actualmente estoy estudiando Administración y Dirección de Empresas, pero llevo ya ...

  • private lessons for the French language, for all levels

    15€ per hour

    • flag-fr Paolo · Teaches: Francuski
      Speaks: FrancuskiNative

    Je donne des cours particulier de francais, Je suis francais et en année sabatique à madrid , je suis en école de commerce depuis 3 ans . J'ai toujour...

  • English language tutor with experience in GCSE/A-Level/SAT exams

    7€ per hour

    • flag-jo Nour · Teaches: Angielski
      Speaks: AngielskiNative · HiszpańskiB1 · FrancuskiA2 · WłoskiB1 · ArabNative

    Fluent English speaker who can help you improve your language. I also work very well with kids and can give fun, new ways to learn and actually want t...

  • Certified teacher with 2 years of experience

    20€ per hour

    • flag-us Sarah · Teaches: Angielski
      Speaks: AngielskiNative

    I am a 25 year old American who recently moved to Rome. My native language is English and I have a bachelors from Indiana University. I love teaching ...

  • Lezioni di spagnolo - clases de italiano

    15€ per hour

    • flag-es SARA · Teaches: Hiszpański
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · HiszpańskiNative · WłoskiC2

    Se vuoi imparare/migliorare lo spagnolo o necesitas aprender italiano, ponte en contacto conmigo ! Tengo larga experiencia como profesora particular. ...


    30$ per hour

    • flag-ca Wilson · Teaches: Angielski
      Speaks: AngielskiNative

    Thank you for visiting my professional profile. My name is Wilson. I am an online research writer with advanced skills in all writing and referencing...

  • math English and arabic tutor for any age and level

    14€ per hour

    • flag-eg Salma · Teaches: Angielski
      Speaks: AngielskiNative · FrancuskiC2 · ArabNative

    Hello I’m the eldest of my family and I have recently worked a several times as a math, English teacher. I’m a third year student at IE university Mad...

  • Russian and German native speaker. A year of tutoring experience

    20€ per hour

    • flag-ru Lili · Teaches: German
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · GermanNative · RosyjskiNative

    Hi! My name is Lili, I am from Germany and Russia. Since my childhood I speak the two languages perfectly. I have a year of experience in helping kids...

  • Cours de Français par professeur natif pour tous niveaux

    12€ per hour

    • flag-fr Marina · Teaches: Francuski
      Speaks: AngielskiB2 · HiszpańskiNative

    Bonjour, Je m’appelle Marina. Je suis étudiante à Valence en orthophonie à la UCV. De maman espagnole j’ai donc la double nationalité. Ayant toujours...

  • Spanish private classes adapted to your needs

    20€ per hour

    • flag-es Amaya · Teaches: Hiszpański
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · HiszpańskiNative · FrancuskiB1 · WłoskiB2

    Hello, My name is Amaya and I am a certified ELE teacher. I am Spanish native and live in San Sebastián. I give private Spanish lessons adapted to y...

  • Teacher NL and ENG, with many years child experience

    18€ per hour

    • flag-nl Lana · Teaches: Angielski
      Speaks: AngielskiC2 · HiszpańskiB1 · NiderlandzkiNative

    I can give private and group lessons for languages Dutch (NL) and English (eng). In the weekends and throughout the week in the evenings. I have also ...

  • étudiante en commerce/ donne des cours particulier de français

    20€ per hour

    • flag-fr Agathe · Teaches: Francuski
      Speaks: FrancuskiNative

    Bonjour, je suis Agathe et je suis française. Je fais mes études dans le commerce à Treskowallee à Berlin. J'ai toujours beaucoup aimé ma langue et j'...

  • French Class by a language student in Siena

    10€ per hour

    • flag-fr Malia · Teaches: Francuski
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · HiszpańskiC1 · FrancuskiNative

    Hello, My name is Malia, I am a french professional dancer actually apprentice in the Balletto di Siena. I am also a student at the university: I st...

  • Fun and Enthusiastic English, Spanish & Bulgarian Tutor

    15€ per hour

    • flag-bg Victoria · Teaches: Angielski
      Speaks: AngielskiC2 · HiszpańskiB1 · BułgarskiNative

    Hi! My name's Victoria and I am currently a student at the University of Manchester. Although I am studying a Business course, I have a passion for le...

  • Spanish classes online for foreigners in Santiago de Compostela

    8€ per hour

    • flag-es Nina · Teaches: Hiszpański
      Speaks: AngielskiB2 · HiszpańskiNative · GalicyjskiNative

    Hii! My name is Nina, I'm 21 and I'm a Psychology student at the university of Santiago de Compostela. I can give basic level Spanish classes online, ...

  • Clases de Español para estudiantes erasmus

    12€ per hour

    • flag-es Laura · Teaches: Hiszpański
      Speaks: AngielskiB2 · HiszpańskiNative · FrancuskiB1

    Hola!! Soy Laura! Tengo 23 años y soy maestra. Tengo más de 5 años de experiencia dando clases de diferentes materias e idiomas! Ofrezco clases de es...

  • Professeur principal hors classe de la langue anglaise

    30€ per hour

    • flag-tn Ichraf · Teaches: Angielski
      Speaks: AngielskiB2

    Bonjour !je suis ichraf de la Tunisie je travaille à l'éducation car j'aime beaucoup mes élèves et je serai contente de les voir compétant et couran...

  • Italian mother-tongue teacher for all levels and ages

    13€ per hour

    • flag-it Francesca · Teaches: Włoski
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · HiszpańskiB1 · FrancuskiC1 · WłoskiNative

    Hi everybody! My name is Francesca Rosso and I'm a university student from Treviso, near Venice. I've always been very attracted to languages, and I s...

  • Advanced English C1 with 2 years of experience. First language italian for whoever wants to learn it.

    15€ per hour

    • flag-it Camilla · Teaches: Angielski
      Speaks: AngielskiC1 · HiszpańskiB1 · FrancuskiB2 · WłoskiNative

    Hello! I'm Camilla and I'm from Italy. I'm 22 years old and I'll be studying in Toulouse for the first semester of 2022\2023. I study foreign language...

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