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Thomina Konsta

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Plaatsen van Thomina

  • Schönnbrunn Palace

    Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most famous palaces in Vienna. The historical building was built in the epochs of the imperial era and you can see the representative rooms and private rooms of the imperial couple Franz Joseph and Elisabeth. Although I didn't have time...

    0 door Thomina, 6 maanden geleden
  • Brau Bar

    Coming in Vienna and having a great walking tour around the city , it could make you really hungry and thirsty.  This is the place wherey tou can combine a pub essence with the austrian feels. The wood and rock that combines the walls and the furniture make the place...

    0 door Thomina, 7 maanden geleden
  • Piece Montee Workshop

    Living in Thessaloniki, makes it a city full of choices. But  if your more into cheap  and quality sweet flavors, then Piece Montee workshop is your place. Not downtown, but placed in Ano Toumpa region (connected with bus #14),  a small pastry shop made it's entrance...

    0 door Thomina, 8 maanden geleden
  • Ypsilon

    Ypsilon , is a new entry in the city . It's a renovated place , shared in two seperated areas for any taste.  One room is more ideal for daily coffee meetings , smoke free and music just to have a bit of sound in the backround. You can enjoy quiet job meetings , or...

    0 door Thomina, 8 maanden geleden
  • The Blue Cup

    The Blue Cup is a coffee and coctail bar in Ladadika of Thessaloniki.  Based in a renovated place inin of one of the most beautiful listed buildings in the city, it is offering an elegant experience with varietal coffees speciality and handmade production methods. In...

    0 door Thomina, 9 maanden geleden

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