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Sara 'malteser' Montgomery

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Ervaringen van Sara 'malteser'

  • 8 / 10 punten

    Experience in Cardiff University, United Kingdom by Sara

    Generally, what is Cardiff University like? Big university, friendly students. What are the facilities like? The Student's Union is very good with various places to eat and a nightclub which has some good events. There are at least five different libraries for specific...

    0 door Sara 'malteser', 3 jaar geleden
  • 9 / 10 punten

    Experience in Cardiff, United Kingdom by Sara 'malteser'

    What is it like to live in Cardiff? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? It's a great city to live in. Very friendly and not too busy. There's lots of things to do and there's a train station right next to the university. It has a couple of beautiful parks...

    0 door Sara 'malteser', 4 jaar geleden

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