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Silvia Ugolini

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  • unTUBO

    Now, I never thought I was the kind of person who would actually enjoy, without coercion, drinking wine while listening to jazz music in a super-cool environment. Turned out, sometimes I can become (from time to time) that person. Last night I went to "Un Tubo", which...

    0 scritto da Silvia, 6 anni fa
  • Chapter Art Centre

    Now, this is going to be a hard task, so you will all forgive me if I get a bit confusing or I'm not properly clear. Chapter Art Centre is a big building in one of the main areas of Cardiff, Canton; and let me please dwell in a little digression in this regard. Canton...

    0 scritto da Silvia, 6 anni fa
  • Live Lounge

    If you ever happen to ask around in the students environment, in Cardiff, you will most certainly hear the same answer: Live Lounge sucks. Well, on that statement I strongly disagree, and everyone who's ever been my friend (or has ever shared a night out with me) knows...

    0 scritto da Silvia, 6 anni fa
  • Gwdihw

    It doesn't matter whether you are working, studying as an undergraduate, a postgraduate, a PhD or having the best time of your life (I'm talking about Erasmus - no need to specify); if you are going to spend a while in Wales, at the beginning of your whatever adventure...

    0 scritto da Silvia, 6 anni fa
  • Bunkhouse

    You're walking in St Mary street, you're cold in your italian winter coat, the rain hits your face - as you have no umbrella - and the wind ruffles your hair (you try to remember the last time it looked good, but your brain just can't go so far back in time). You are...

    0 scritto da Silvia, 6 anni fa

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