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Linda Ficco

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  • Luogo


    JenTower skyscraper located in the city centre of Jena. It was build in 1972 as a part of a requalification program of East-Germany after World War, with the initial purpose of hosting a research centre associated with the Zeiss Industry, but then it was donated to the...

    da Linda in Cosa vedere Jena, 3 anni fa
  • Esperienza

    Experience in Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany by Linda

    Generally, what is Friedrich Schiller University of Jena like? Jena is a city entirely dedicated to university, where every place of interest is close to the centre and the biggest part of the population is composed by students. Every structure is well-kept, suitable to...

    0 da Linda in Esperienze Erasmus FSU , 3 anni fa
  • Esperienza

    Experience in University of Turin, Italy by Linda

    Generally, what is University of Turin like? First of all, I'm studying there as a regularly enrolled student, so all what I write applies only to my experience and may not hold for Erasmus students. University of Turin it has a good reputation and most of the courses...

    0 da Linda in Esperienze Erasmus UNITO , 3 anni fa
  • Coinquilino

    I am a 23 years old girl, looking for accomodation in Jena for six months.

    My name is Linda, I'm 23 years old and I come from Italy. I'm going to study Cognitive Psychology in Friedriech Schiller University with the Erasmus+ program (six months, from April to September 2018), and I would like to find a single room with shared kitchen and...

    in Coinquilini Jena, 3 anni fa

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