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Parbhpreet Singh

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North York

Parbhpreet Singh

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North York
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Activité de Parbhpreet

  • Expérience

    Experience in Montreal, Canada by Parbhpreet

    What is it like to live in Montreal? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? There is always something to do. The streets of downtown are never empty. Very live all the time. I would recommend Montreal to everyone especially students. What is the student...

    0 par Parbhpreet sur Expériences Erasmus Montreal, il y a 4 ans
  • Colocataire

    3 students (2 males, 1 female) looking for accommodation

    Hey! We are 3 Canadian students (age 23-24) looking for a place to stay from February to July 2015. We perferably want to be near Central Brussels (downtown) and would want a kitchen even if it is a sharing kitchen and 3 bedrooms. We don't mind sharing a place with...

    sur Colocations Bruxelles, il y a 4 ans
  • Colocataire

    24 year old student looking for a roommate

    I'm from Montreal, Canada and coming to Brussels for one semester from February to July 2015 studying in VUB. I'm a 24 year old girl and looking for an awesome roommate! I have two male friends that are planning on getting a room in Van Orley Student House and I want to...

    sur Colocations Bruxelles, il y a 4 ans

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