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Melina Dee

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Actividad de Melina

  • Foro

    Internship / placement civil engineering

    Hello my dear erasmuses! As I'm desperate to find an erasmus placement in Stockholm, Sweden in the filed of civil engineering/ field survey/ research assistant/ construction or anything on the subject and I have sent tones of emails in a variety of companies and...

    por Melina en Foro Erasmus Estocolmo, hace 2 años
  • Experiencia

    Experience in Thessaloniki, Greece by Melina

    What is it like to live in Thessaloniki? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? It's very hard to get lost in Thessaloniki because all roads and buildings are designed in squares. People are friendly, you can just say hi to someone and they will start making a...

    0 por Melina en Experiencias Erasmus Salónica, hace 3 años

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