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Erasmus Sevilla 2017 / 2018 (English)

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Hi, I'm  Rafa!
My roommate Luis and I are looking for an international roommate whom we can help learning Spanish and he/she helps us improving our English level. 
We are looking for a roommate for the next course in Seville(first of September 2017-end of June 2018).
The flat is 5 minutes by foot to VIAPOL campus, where Seville University is located(Faculties of Law, Business and Economics, Tourism, Psychology and Education) and close to the train and metro stops (San Bernardo). 
If you are interested or you want more information, please let us to know.

Hi! I'm in Seville since September 2017 and I'm staying here in the next few years. I study Advertisement and PR in the University of Seville, and I'm from Hungary. I would like to share a flat with other foreign students near to the city center. I know the city and the Spanish lifestyle well, so I can give you a hand. I speak Spanish and English well. Hope you'll enjoy your stay in Sevill, I really do. 

Hi! I'm English and studying at Universidad Pablo de Olavide Sept-Jan! (Also speak French and portuguese) 

Hi, Dominique from London here, looking to meet new people!

Hello !

I'm french and I'm looking for roomates to share an accomodation with. I will study history in the universidad de Sevilla from september 2017 to july 2018. 

I can speak French, English and Spanish :)


I'm a French student of 21 y.o looking for roommates in Sévilla;
Imma do an academic semester there, at the Universidad de Sevilla, from september to January.
If you're interested to share a flat with me, answer to this message.

Hello, Im Turkish and I'm going to study at Universidad de Sevilla in fall semester.(September to February or March) And looking for a room.

Hey! I am a Czech girl coming to study at University of Sevilla, faculty of tourism and finances. Anyone from there? I am looking for new friends! (Not only from my faculty of course). Feel free to contact me :)

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm going to do an internship from September till the end of January in Sevilla! I'm very excited to go there! Also still looking for roommates and a place to live. I will arrive somewhere behalf August! Are there maybe other students that want to meet then and explore the city and have some fun before the first semester starts? Or looking for flatmates? Send me a message! Seeing forward to meet you guys!

Hello everyone :)

I'm going to study in Sevilla for the entire year from September to June 2018 ! I would like to share a flat with other foreign students!
I speak french, english, spanish and i'm learning italian too ! So if anyone can help me improve my spanish and italian skills it would be great ! I'm a funny and easy going person so if you're interested feel free to contact me !
See you ! :)

Hello everyone! I'm going to study at Universidad de Sevilla from january 2018 during the second semester :)

hola guapa/os! 

i'm 23 and from London. I'll be moving to Seville from september to teach english and improve my spanish (which is currently pants).
Did erasmus in Copenhagen a couple of years a go so know erasmus is great for making friends and finding roommates and all that.

so yeh i'll get to seville late august so hopefully i'll hang with some of you then!

if anyone is looking for a roommate to practice english with and could help with spanish then perhaps we could roomies ;) 

contact me at your pleasure xoxo

Hi guys! 

I'm not here with Erasmus, but I'm from Hungary and I'm starting my second year in the University of Seville, and if anyone want to meet up to share some conversation by a beer or wine, I'd be happy to meet you! I study Advertising and PR. My Spanish and Engish are pretty good.


I've just got to Sevilla and I haven't met any other Erasmus students yet, does anyone wanna go to a club or bar or something? 


Im not in Sevilla yet, but will be arriving on September 21, maybe we can met up?

Hi! I'm going to Sevilla on the first semester from October 2017 to February 2018. I will study at Conservatorio Superior de Musica. I'm looking for a room and roomates.  :)


I'm studying in Sevilla from September - January, and I'll be studying Languages at the University of Sevilla. My host university is University of Liverpool in the UK. I haven't really met any other Erasmus students, so feel free to message to meet up :) 

¡Hola! I'm a Spanish student and I live in Seville, I write this message because I'm looking for erasmus students who want to make language exchange and practice or learn Spanish, cause I need to practice my English too (I've got a C1 level). 

I like speaking about lots of things, I'm a fan of books, series and films, I love music and playing the guitar, l like practicing sports, going out on trips, cultural visits... 

We could meet in a cafe once or twice a week, or we could meet for any other plan. If you're interested please send me a message!! ^^

Hooola!!! I'm Lucas from Poland and I'm looking for a room and roommates in Sevilla from 2nd October 2017 to 10th February 2018. I will study at Conservatorio Superior de Musica as an erasmus student. I'm looking for rather something cheap, max 250 Euro per month. Preferably city center or Triana.

En español sólo puedo pedir cerveza pero aprendo rápidamente :)

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