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Erasmus Sevilla 2017 / 2018 (English)

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Hi! My name is Miguel, I am from Madrid and I am an engineer student. In September I am going to Sevilla to study.  I am a responsible, sociable, openminded and I like going out. I'm looking for roommates

Search for "erasmus Sevilla 2017/2018" on social networks :)

Hello everyone,
I am going to Sevilla in the 2nd semester, from February to June 2018.
Would like some help with accommodation, if anyone could help me would be fantastic.

Hello! My name is Marc, and I'm a student of Law in Barcelona. I'm going to study in the University of Seville for the 2017-2018 course (9 months). I'm looking for people to share flat. I love meet fun people, going to party, and I am responsable.

If someone is looking for roommates send me a message! It will be cool

Hi !

I am from France, and I am looking for an accomodation and cool roomates to share a flat with! I speek english, french and spanish :)

I am going to study at faculty of Law, at Universidad de Sevilla from september 2017 to June/ july 2018.

Hello ! 

I'm going to study law at Universidad de Sevilla from september 2017 to june 2018. I'm from Italy and i'm looking for accomodation and other girls to live with :) 

Hi there!

I am austrian and I am going to study in Sevilla starting from September on.

I like going out, just hanging with friends and doing sports.

I am looking for accomodation to share preferably (I speak german, english, french y un poco espanol :D )


Well, as I can see, you all are a little bit lost, I'm from Sevilla so if you have any question about the city, transports or areas, ask me. Besides, I have study Translation and Interpreting in the University Pablo de Olavide, so if you go there I can answer you also questions about the University. I can speak English, Italian and of course, Spanish. 


Hola amigos!

I am from Turkey and I will be studying electrical-electronics engineering at Universidad de Sevilla next semester.Hope to see you there!

Hi, I am Andrea from Italy and I am going to study in Sevilla, at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide in the next semester. I speak italian (of course), english and spanish and I would like to know some people maybe to share a room or apartment. You're welcome to send me a message if want, we can keep in touch! :) 

hey there,

i am going to study Computer Engineering at Sevilla . I have no idea about the academic language and wether if the classes will be taught in English too. So if anyone has infos please send me a message .

Hey!! I'll arrive in Sevilla on the second of august and I'm looking for a room to rent. It's gonna be my first time living alone, but i swear I'm organized and I know how to share common space. I like going out for parties with my friends but it doesn't mean I'll be a bad roommate.

If anyone has an appartment and need a roommate send me a message!! I'm searching everywhere and its making me frustrated hahaha.

I'm looking forward to meet some new people too so if anyone wanna just send a message and talk I'm here.

Hey I'm a french student who is going to study in the universidad De sevilla from september 2017- july 2018. I speak French and English fluently as well as study Spanish and Chinese. I am looking a for room to rent.

Hello! I'm italian and i'm going to study at Universidad Pablo de Olavide from September 2017 to January/february! I speak italian, spanish and english. I'm looking for some people to share room or apartment.

Hi! I'm Ginevra and I study math.

I'll go to Sevilla in september, I'm from Italy, and I'm looking for a room and, why not, a roommate.  :)

Hello! I'm algerian  and i'm going to study at Universidad Pablo de Olavide from September 2017 to october one month I speak french , arabic and english. I'm looking for some people to share room for twoo person thank you .

HI guys im gonna be in sevilla the first semester (august/sept-january) im looking for a group of other students that wanna share apparment (i dont have any i just have some seen on internet), if somebody is in the same situation please talk to me!


I will also be studying in Sevilla during the first semester ( September - January). I am still looking for accomodation, preferrably with other students.

So if anyone is still looking for a fun roommate, or just someone to hang out with during the first semester ;-). Please let me know !!

Hello I'm Italian, I have goot an A1 certificate of language, do you know if University of Sevilla can make some problem about it?

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