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Learn Japanese! Speaking from the first lesson!

  • flag-ru Anastasia · Enseña: Japonés
    Habla: InglésC2 · JaponésC2 · RusoNativo

My name is Anastasia and working on your language skills with me is going to be fun!
I am a native Russian speaker, fluent in both Japanese and English.
For the past 3 years I’ve been traveling the world while teaching and doing art.

I speak 3 very different languages and I understand that learning a new language is very challenging. Fortunately, I had great guidance and I am going to provide the same for you.

I offer lessons for beginners and intermediate level students. (2 types of lessons, the first being geared toward beginner in the language
While the second type is reserved for intermediate level students. )

One thing you’ll notice with ALL of my lessons is that I'll have you SPEAKING the target language as soon as you learn your first 5 words with me. We’ll continue to slowly build your vocabulary and little by little you will develop your ability to effectively & confidently communicate.

While I do have a methodology that I have developed for teaching, my approach is very flexible and I work hard to tailor my curriculum to each student's unique needs and interests.
What’s important is that I keep you interested and engaged so that you are consistent in your study.
So, we will learn vocabulary, understand grammar and the most importantly - TALK

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