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Clases online de idiomas

  • ¬°Nuevo!

    5‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-es Andrea ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Italiano
      Habla: ItalianoNativo

    Ciao! Sono Andrea, sono italiano e studio filologia italiana nell’Università di Salamanca. Cerco studente o studentessa di Belle Arti che abbia fatto ...

  • ¬°Nuevo!
    SPANISH LESSONS - with bilingual teacher / LEZIONI DI SPAGNOLO con insegnante biling√ľe.

    25‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-it elisabetta ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Espa√Īol
      Habla: Ingl√©sC2 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolC2 ¬∑ Franc√©sB2 ¬∑ GermanA1 ¬∑ ItalianoNativo ¬∑ Portugu√©sB2 ¬∑ RusoA1

    HI! My name is Elisabetta, I am originally from Northern Italy but I've been living in Southern Spain for years and I offer personalized online Spanis...

  • ¬°Nuevo!
    ITALIAN LESSONS with native teacher - CLASES DE ITALIANO con profesora nativa

    25‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-it elisabetta ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Italiano
      Habla: Ingl√©sC2 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolC2 ¬∑ Franc√©sB2 ¬∑ GermanA1 ¬∑ ItalianoNativo ¬∑ Portugu√©sB2 ¬∑ RusoA1

    Hi! My name is Elisabetta, I am originally from northern Italy, I live in the south of Spain and I offer personalized online Italian classes for all l...

  • ¬°Nuevo!
    Profesora de idiomas con 4 a√Īos de experiencia.

    10‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-es Eva ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Ingl√©s
      Habla: Ingl√©sC1 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolNativo ¬∑ Franc√©sC2

    Hola! Me llamo Eva soy profe de idiomas de franc√©s, ingl√©s y espa√Īol para extranjeros. Llevo ejercienco como profe desde hace 4 a√Īos, desde nivel prin...

  • Teaching English, I‚ÄôVE learned at international schools so I have a good knowledge about languages

    6‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-ru –†–į–Ĺ–į ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Ingl√©s
      Habla: InglésB2

    Hello! Hola! Bonjour! My name is rana and I’m from Egypt but I’m studying medicine at Russia . I’ve made teaching my career because I love helping my ...

  • Italian native speaker - Tutor in Italian or English

    15‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-it Alessia ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Italiano
      Habla: InglésC2 · FrancésB2 · ItalianoNativo

    Ciao (: My name is Alessia and I am from Italy. I fluently speak Italian and English and I will be happy to help anyone who’s willing to learn one of ...

  • cours de Fran√ßais ou Arabe Avec 8 ans d'exp√©rience

    8‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-dz Zedjiga ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Franc√©s
      Habla: Ingl√©sB1 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolA1 ¬∑ Franc√©sC1 ¬∑ √ĀrabeC2

    je suis une nouvelle étudianteà Madrid, je suis à la recherche d'un emploi à temps partiel que ce soit en présence ou en ligne pour des cours de franç...

  • Clases de ingl√©s todas las edades niveles A1- B2

    13‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-es Isabel ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Ingl√©s
      Habla: Ingl√©sB2 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolNativo

    ¬ŅTe cuesta el ingl√©s? Profesora titulada con m√°s de 5 a√Īos de experiencia. Clases de ingl√©s online y en persona, personalizadas a tu nivel y necesidad...

  • Spanish lesson for foreigns. All levels, all ages .

    15‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-es Isabel ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Espa√Īol
      Habla: Ingl√©sB2 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolNativo

    Do you struggle with Spanish? Certified native teacher with more than 5 years of experience. I teach all ages and all levels, online and face to face ...

  • Effective Turksh and English Lessons for adults and children

    7‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Berceste ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Turco
      Habla: Ingl√©sB1 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolA1 ¬∑ TurcoNativo

    Hello, Hola, Merhaba! I ' m Berceste. My native language is Turkish and I speak English at B2 level. As an erasmus intern in Spain, I am doing resear...

  • Certified Azerbaijan language teacher with 7 years of experience

    10‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-pl Vafa ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Azerbaiyano
      Habla: InglésB2 · RusoB1 · TurcoNativo

    Hello, my name is Vafa, I am From Azerbaijan , Baku city. I have 7 years experience with diffirent age of students, I love to teach and help and my st...

  • First class English and History graduate from University of Warwick

    15‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-es Oscar ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Ingl√©s
      Habla: Ingl√©sNativo ¬∑ Espa√ĪolNativo ¬∑ GermanB1

    Hey, my name is Oscar and I'm half Spanish, half German, but I've lived all my life in England. I like tutoring because it's really fulfilling to help...

  • Tailored Oral Skills Classes with Teacher MJ

    27‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-us MJ ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Ingl√©s
      Habla: Ingl√©sC1 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolNativo ¬∑ Franc√©sB2 ¬∑ GermanB2

    MJ: I am unique in teaching. Asking questions wil make you enlighten yourself in English. Who says speaking English is difficult? Do it with me like ...

  • German teacher with experience for all individuals

    22‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Aleyna ¬∑ Ense√Īa: German
      Habla: InglésC2 · GermanNativo · SuecoA2 · TurcoNativo

    Hello! My name is Aleyna and I’m from Turkey. I’ve made teaching as my career because I love helping my students and like to teach people something ne...

  • Business Communication Specialist from the US

    10‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-us Sana ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Ingl√©s
      Habla: InglésNativo

    Hello, My name is Sana and I am from the United States. I have been in Corporate Communications for the past 15 years. My expertise is in Business/Cor...

  • Insegnante con pi√Ļ di 5 anni di esperienza

    5‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-it Emanuela ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Italiano
      Habla: Ingl√©sA2 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolB1 ¬∑ Franc√©sB1 ¬∑ GermanA1 ¬∑ ItalianoNativo

    Ciao! Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Il mio nome è Emanuela (Emy) e vengo dall'Italia. Sono diventata un'insegnante perché amo aiutare i miei studenti a...

  • Learn Spanish with a Native Teacher! ¬°Aprende espa√Īol con una profesora nativa!

    14‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-es Lorena ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Espa√Īol
      Habla: Ingl√©sC1 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolNativo ¬∑ GermanA2

    Lorena del Olmo - Your Spanish Instructor in Zagreb Do you want to learn Spanish authentically and effectively? You've come to the right place! Abou...

  • Clases de espa√Īol para extranjeros: nivel A1-C2.

    15‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-es Julia ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Espa√Īol
      Habla: Ingl√©sC2 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolNativo ¬∑ Franc√©sC1

    ¬°Hola! Soy Julia, traductora y profesora de ELE. Llevo dando clases particulares y a grupos reducidos desde hace m√°s de 3 a√Īos. Me gusta ense√Īar espa...

  • English, Russian or Turkish language teacher

    7‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-az Leyla ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Ingl√©s
      Habla: InglésB2 · PolacoA2 · RusoB2 · TurcoC1

    Hello! My name is Leyla and I am from Azerbaijan. I give lessons in Turkish, English and Russian languages for conversation purposes. I love meeting n...

  • Experience educator with 8 years of experience!

    10‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-in somya ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Ingl√©s
      Habla: InglésC2

    Hola! My name is Somya, I am from India. I am passionate about teaching language and I use storytelling and videos to make the lesson interesting for ...

  • Monitor con m√°s de 10 a√Īos de experiencia

    7‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-es Katy ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Espa√Īol
      Habla: Espa√ĪolNativo

    A quien le guste la cultura y el turismo de Espa√Īa, pueden contar conmigo para una educaci√≥n personalizada, basada en el idioma Castellano (espa√Īol) y...

  • Give French lessons for all age, french nationality tutor

    15‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-fr Julie ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Franc√©s
      Habla: Ingl√©sB2 ¬∑ Espa√ĪolB1 ¬∑ Franc√©sNativo

    Hi, Mi name is Julie, I am a French girl and here abroad in Spain for one year. I know that French is like complicated but I'll be there to help you...

  • English Teacher with 10 years experience

    60‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-lu Derrick ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Ingl√©s
      Habla: InglésA1

    Hello. I'm Derrick from Luxembourg. I love helping students learn English to communicate well and study courses taught in English. I can guarantee pro...

  • Private English Tutor and Supervisor for school and home lessons

    25$ por hora

    • flag-ng shekeoguza ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Ingl√©s
      Habla: InglésNativo

    Are you struggling to master the intricacies of the English language? Do grammar rules, vocabulary, or writing assignments leave you feeling overwhelm...

  • Italian mother tongue and Bachelor in Computer Science offers Italian lessons

    30‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-it Valeria ¬∑ Ense√Īa: Italiano
      Habla: InglésC1 · ItalianoNativo

    HI, I'am Valeria and I am Mother tongue in Italian. I moved to Luxembourg to deve deeper my knowledg in Computer Science. I offer Italian tutoring on...

  • Spanish teacher for 2 people in Barcelona

    15‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-es Sarah ¬∑ Ense√Īa: German
      Habla: GermanNativo

    Hello we are from Germany and new in Barcelona. We look for a Spanish teacher? We live in Cabrils. We can come to Barcelona or you can come to us at ...

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