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  • Manuel · Enseña: Italian
    Habla: EnglishB2 · SpanishC1 · FrenchA1 · ItalianNative

Hello! My name is Manuel and, among the many passions, one of the strongest is my great curiosity to know new cultures, countries and people. This curiosity led me to learn English and travel to Canada, Russia and Indonesia, but above all to learn Spanish and live for several months in Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Spain in the last 3 years. Travelling has allowed me to try my hand at the most common difficulties in learning a language. When you’re in a foreign land and you can’t communicate with the locals it’s not very pleasant, so... I understand you very well, don’t worry. My native language is Italian, a very beautiful language that also represents some difficulties, that’s why surely the experience gained on the field, in the street, where there is real life, will help you a lot in our lessons! PS: in the lessons we can talk in Italian, Spanish or English (but my English is not currently fluent, but we understand each other safely :) ).

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