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Greek language Teacher - 8 years of experience

  • flag-gr Maria · Enseña: Griego
    Habla: InglésC2 · EspañolB2 · FrancésC2 · GriegoNativo

Γεια σας! My name is Maria, I've been teaching greek to non-native speakers for the past 8 years in France and in Greece. I have lived in Seville Spain and in Paris for about 8 years and I teach greek in english and french and occasianly in spanish!

I love the educative process of learning a foreign language both as a tutor and student and I believe it to be really creative and fun with the right tools and attitude applied! I believe that the modern progressive pedagogical methods and adjusting the lesson to the students needs, is the key to success of becoming a greek speaker.

I would be glad to meet you and start this journey with you!

**Τhe lessons can be held online and by physical presence in the broader Athens area**

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