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Alex Alexson

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  • Foro

    Erasmus Santander 2021 / 2022 (English)

    Hey! I am from Santander, I am also studying a master's degree next year here and I am looking for people to build a group and have fun at the same time we do some language exchange (Spanish/English). Please, PM me if interested, we can meet and have a drink, go to the...

    por Alex en Foro Erasmus Santander, hace 1 mes
  • Foro

    Small group for fun and hicking

    Hey! Do you respect other's safety (regarding coronavirus)? Do you want to breathe fresh air and visit mountains and beaches along our Cantabrian coasts? Let me know. Let's go hicking and spend some time in the countryside. I would love to build a small group of English...

    por Alex en Foro Erasmus Santander, hace 1 año

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