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  • Chinatown & The Best Spot for Fish and Chips

    Every single "major" city must have its one of a kind Chinatown and London is no different. This brings me to what i would like to share with you all today, which is what you can expect from the Chinatown here in capital city of England. For starters, London is a...

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  • Oxford Street, Carnaby Street & Buckingham Palace

    People travel for all sorts of reason, but for us, the younger and more dynamic generation, we tend to travel to enjoy ourselves and be exposed to new cultures, way of life, history, and society. Okay, let's be realistic. Some of us completely ignore all of this...

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  • Manneken Pis

    We are still here in Belgium for the second part of my stop over in the capital of Brussels, before I headed off to start my the new chapter of my young adulthood in Paris, France. I had shared with you guys my experience thus far in Brussels, starting from my brief...

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  • The Grand Place, Food, etc.

    Like most of the young population around the world, I have always wanted to travel in the cities of Europe. When I moved to Paris back in November, I took a very uncommon path. My departure town was Paphos, Cyprus, a place where I used to grow up in and a place that I...

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  • The Theatre of Dreams

    Now that we are still here in Manchester, England, let's move on to the main event and as I mentioned earlier in the previous experience of the overall city of Manchester, the very reason as to why tourists from around the world pay a visit to this part of the country....

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  • Manchester Town Centre & The National Football Museum

    To me and many like minded people around the world, the first thing thing that would come to my head when the town Manchester is mentioned is football. For this experience, I would like to share with you some cool things to do in Manchester, as well as a super chill...

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  • Canal Saint-Martin

    With so much food from our previous experience at pan asie all you can eat japanese restaurant, I would like to now share with you the perfect activity to burn off all the calories. This time, you will really need to check the weather before you head out, because there...

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  • Pan Asie Restaurant

    After i went back to see the pictures i used for my posts of japanese food in sydney, I began to realise just how much i really need that same type of japanese food. It was one of those days when i got lost and stumbled upon an all you can eat, japanese restaurant....

    0 für Oat, vor 4 Jahren
  • Manzanillo Mediterranean Restaurant

    I could never get enough of food, especially when the food is good. Once again, we are still here in the coastal town of Paphos, Cyprus, a small island half Greek, half Turkish sitting cozily in the eastern front of the Mediterranean sea. Paphos is on the Greek side but...

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  • Ohi Day Parade

    Rather than what to what eat or what to do, here's one interesting event that you can attend to and see. We are still here in Paphos, the coastal town of Cyprus just on the western side of the island. While this post will solely focus on Paphos, I must say that this...

    0 für Oat, vor 4 Jahren
  • Poppadums Tandoori Indian Restaurant

    I really promise that this will be the absolute last post in regards to food here in Cyprus. If you have not been up to date with my recent posts, we're still here in what is like my current home, Paphos. The small town of Paphos is located on the western side of the...

    0 für Oat, vor 4 Jahren
  • Coastal Walk Kato Paphos

    With all of the food places I have been sharing with you here in Paphos, it's only fair that I also present a healthy activity that you could do to burn off some calories. This will require a lot of walking, a lot of accu power of your phone or camera and a bottle of...

    0 für Oat, vor 4 Jahren
  • Wagamama Paphos

    Rather than recommending (positive connotation) or warning (negative connotation) you about places to eat and not to eat, I will try my best to keep this one a neutral post. Guess your guess is as good as mine, as we are still here in Cyprus, and to be specific, on its...

    0 für Oat, vor 4 Jahren
  • Pizzeria Italiana La Sardegna Da Gino

    One of the best part about being on vacation is that there is never such a thing as eating too much, or drinking too much. While some of us tend to be quite careful about what we eat and the activities we take up for a healthier life style, all of this commitment and...

    0 für Oat, vor 4 Jahren
  • The Pelican & Ocean Basket

    Here's something new for a change : while I have always been the one to recommend about all the great things to do, see and of course, eat. I find it equally important to also point out the things that you should not do, because disappointments do hurt, very much. I...

    0 für Oat, vor 4 Jahren
  • The Lodge Restaurant

    Shopping and taking a walk around town is a choice, but eating is a must. This is why I would like to share with all of you guys another place that is completely different from the rest of the restaurants you've come across in Paphos, Cyprus. Let's say that you've...

    0 für Oat, vor 4 Jahren
  • Paphos Old Town

    Every single vacation requires walking around the city or town center, and as much as Paphos is a beach city and that summer-cation kind of destination, it is absolutely crucial not to overlook the historical beauty of its town center. So just briefly, your holidays in...

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  • Cypriot sweets and dessert!

    With so much discussion about the good food here in Paphos, Cyprus, that only leaves room for the sweet ending. By this, I mean nothing other than dessert for those of you with a sweet tooth! Now these desserts can be found in super markets and bakeries, and not so much...

    0 für Oat, vor 4 Jahren
  • The Three Little Pigs Grill House

    I'm really in the mood to share with you guys the wonders of Paphos, Cyprus. One of the things I love to talk about, and something of a reoccurring theme for my posts nowadays, is food, and yes, good food. There is nothing better than being on vacation and eating the...

    0 für Oat, vor 4 Jahren
  • Kourides Restaurant

    And here's another good one for something a bit different to eat here in the coastal town of Paphos, on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Before I go on to talk about the focus of this post, which again like many before is all about food and deliciousness, I would...

    0 für Oat, vor 4 Jahren
  • Stavros Taverna & Restaurant

    If you’re ever in Paphos, Cyprus, it is really a no brainer that you need to have at least one Cypriot meal. This shouldn’t be a problem since they’re literally everywhere, whether it be on Tombs of the Kings Road to the town center and its section of The Old...

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