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  • Mitbewohner

    Flatmate or roommate

    One quite and love to speak wen it is for fine objectives, not silent , want a mate make me smile and share our moments and love to understand myself well and i do too. very open minded and welcomin. no need for mates that are closed minded and not very open.  want to...

    in Mitbewohner Innsbruck, vor 2 Jahren
  • Mitbewohner

    37 year old man lookin for accomodation in innsbruck

    Lookin for a coomodation to be shared with others. i will be in innsbruck for 3 years and 6 semesters. i would to join friends from anywhere  who would love and welcome others. I will arrive in innsbruckin Novemeber 2019. i am very willin to take step forward to...

    in Mitbewohner Innsbruck, vor 2 Jahren

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