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Qualified teacher with Master's degree in Dutch as a second language

  • flag-nl Jeroen · Teaches: Flemenkçe
    Speaks: İngilizceC2 · İspanyolcaC1 · FransızcaB2 · GermanB2

I teach all levels of Dutch, using my own method for the lower levels. For the higher levels the classes are (even more) costume made, using whatever materials fit your needs! The content of the classes is based on scientific research. I teach classes at my own language school for Dutch: Reynaert taalschool.

My goal is to get your Dutch to a higher level in an efficient way.

My academic background is a Master's in Linguistic: teacher and expert of Dutch as a second language and two Bachelor's (Dutch language & culture and Linguistics). I also wrote a paper about teaching pronunciation as a theoretical base for an educational book. I graduated on a study about reading exams of the languages in Western-Europ and the CEFR (Common European Framework for languages learning, teaching and assessment).

If you need to take an exam I can also help you prepare for it!

3 yıl önce

Tags: Lessons

45 € / per hour

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