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Saša Dokiai

Saša Dokiai

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Atividade de Saša

  • Experiência

    Experience in Ljubljana, Slovenia by Saša

    What is it like to live in Ljubljana? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Living in Ljubljana is simply great. It is a beautiful, clean little town with lovely people. Perfect for families with small kids. Nature is amasing, everything is close.How much does...

    0 por Saša em Experiências Erasmus Ljubljana, há 6 anos
  • Lugar

    Prulček Bar

    Since it opened in 2012, Prulček has quietly become one of the city's foremost venues for live music, with its Wednesday night jazz sessions routinely packing the house and carrying on well past the time when responsible working people have gone to bed. And to top...

    por Saša em Festa Erasmus Ljubljana, há 7 anos

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