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  • Experiência

    The culture of Napoli

    Napoli is a big city with a lot of people. The people I have met thus far are pretty nice and helpful although communication sometimes is hard. The food is awesome and the nightlife is pretty weird, u just buy a drink, and walk through the streets and alleys just to sit...

    0 por Erik em Experiências Erasmus Napoli, há 7 anos
  • Blogue

    Arrival (Lost in translation)

    At October the 5th I left the cold and rainy Holland for the sunny Napoli (Italy) to do my final internship and thesis in Neuroscience. I come from a small town called Lelystad and wanted to experience a whole new part of Bioresearch in the field of Neuroscience and...

    1 por Erik em Blogues Erasmus UNINA, há 7 anos
  • Experiência

    Experience in Lelystad, Netherlands by Erik

    What is it like to live in Lelystad? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Lelystad is a quiet city, and close to Amsterdam and Zwolle by train or car. Since this year they made a new railroad so you can travel to Groningen or all the way to VLissingen via...

    0 por Erik em Experiências Erasmus Lelystad, há 7 anos

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